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[Latest News]The purpose of the operation of the Orff Music Education[ 2016-05-04 10:11 ]
Chinese musical instrument Langfang Yong it is an independent R & D specialized in producing children Orff percussion manufacturers, has a good reputation within the line. We are Alibaba Gold Supplier Company products are: Children's Musical Instrument Set, clapper, eraser, various tambourines, wood sand ball, eva blocks, and so on cupboard! If you have a need, please call us at Tel: 0086-316-2555286
[News]Baby before the age of five should learn what?[ 2016-04-23 09:56 ]
Langfang Yong it is a professional production of children's musical instruments percussion manufacturers, Alibaba Gold supplier. Professional nursery, children's early education institutions to provide quality percussion. Products are instrument packages, sand ball, fish, frogs, hit drums, tambourine, clapper, Congas, African drums, building blocks and other toys, cabinets, please come to order.
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